Thinking of my photography, and where I want to take it and what I want to capture over my career, in an art type sense, I've realized I want to capture moments. So these photos here reflect this move toward capturing moments. Moments of my life, from the boring/mundane to the interesting, crazy things I may get into. These photos are all of people that I've gotten to know, or taken at events that I attended with people I've come to know. They're all taken with a Contax T2 point and shoot film camera that I recently picked up for the sole purpose of capturing moments of my life. These photos may not be the best photos I've ever taken, but it's not the formal aspects that matter here, but what is with in the 36x24mm frame. The quote below is a big reflection on this forever ongoing series.

"These pictures may be an invitation to my world, but they were taken so that I could see the people in them. I sometimes don't know how I feel about someone until I take his or her picture. I don't select people in order to photograph them; I photograph them directly from my life. These pictures come out of relationships, not observation." - Nan Goldin

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